RapidSOS is a repository for life-saving emergency data from sources including Apple, Android, Uber, and Waze.


RapidSOS is a web-based tool for public Safety Agencies to see a real-time view of emergency information. 

Fast and accurate device location to RapidSOS only when a user dials 9-1-1. This is part of the phone’s Operating System – users do not need to have an app installed on their phone for their location to be shared during a 9-1-1 call. With the help of RapidSOS, we are now receiving Apple and Android device locations to 911.

This is not a replacement to the Carrier location we already receive through the ALI – rather, it is a supplemental source of data to help dispatchers quickly and securely access caller location. This location may at times prove to be more accurate as the location information is reported directly from the device.  

Protecting lives in partnership with public safety worldwide

The emergency response data platform empowers a faster and smarter response through intelligent data for first responders. In an emergency, critical data from devices, sensors, or profiles are integrated with the RapidSOS platform and then shared immediately with public safety.