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Our Mission

The Calhoun County 9-1-1 District seeks to provide the most effective emergency communications possible while providing good jobs to qualified individuals.

The District seeks to ensure an appropriate pay and benefits scale for all employees while developing professional standards and training programs to help achieve the District's goals.

Calhoun County 9-1-1 District carries out tasks with an eye toward the future and strives to make innovative, cost-effective decisions to benefit the agency as well as all Calhoun County.

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1 step: Where

Tell us Where you are. If you’re at home, give us your address. If not, look for street signs, landmarks or anything that can help us quickly get an emergency responder dispatched to your location.

2 step: What

What is the emergency? Is someone’s life at risk? Are you witnessing a crime in progress? Is there a fire? Do your best to calmly and clearly tell us the situation.

3 step: Who

We need you to tell us Who you are so that we can help you in the best way possible. Knowing who we’re speaking with helps us better communicate with you and give you potentially life saving instructions while help is on the way.

Calhoun County 911 District

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