911 Addressing / GIS

GIS ( Geographic Information System) is a system for capturing, storing, checking, and displaying data related to positions on Earth's Surface (Map)

The Calhoun County 9-1-1 GIS Department is responsible for validating addresses and maintains the records for our 911 Computer Aided Dispatch system , corrects any discrepancies in addressing, and works closely with all municipal and county organizations to ensure new addresses or address changes are distributed. 


Calhoun County 9-1-1 is the authority for any New or Current addresses throughout the county. Simply stated, if the address is not verified, assigned, or maintained by 9-1-1, then it is not a valid address.


If an address is not verified and maintained by our Master Street Address Guide, then we can not assign it to an Emergency Service Number.   This informs all Public Safety Providers which Law, Fire, and EMS agency should respond to your location. If this information is not accurate, this can create an extended delay with an emergency response to your location.


Google Maps, our office does not supply information to Google Maps or any other 3rd party mapping application. Often, an address entered into Google is an estimate and may not be accurate. If you would like to correct the location of your address on Google, Please Click Here for Guidance


If you are seeking to obtain an address, or have a question regarding your current address

Please fill out our New Address Form or contact the Business Office to reach our GIS Dept 256.237.9119